Innovation is the focus for Newgen in 2016

The year 2015 was marked by the emergence of new application areas for Digital revolution powered by disruptive Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) forces. While the world talked about Internet of Things (IoT), Automation, Consumerization of Enterprise Software, Real-Time business collaboration and Customer Centricity; Newgen innovated intelligent solutions to enable them.

Our key innovations in 2015 include the new products and solutions which are an extension of our core capabilities, built over our robust ECM & BPM platform. These products and solutions that we have added to our portfolio, are widely applicable to multiple function areas across different industry-based business requirements.

Newgen iBPS Case Management:For organizations to leverage best of BPMS offerings in combination with cutting-edge, emerging SMAC technologies and IoT, Newgen has come up with a Case Management Framework built on top of its iBPS. The solution allow business owners to build customer centric processes with in-built adaptability to change. This renders the transformational agility in an organization’s operations for adapting to dynamic situations.

Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework:Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF) offers a comprehensive platform for an enterprise’s mobile imperatives. NEMF is a framework to develop, deploy and manage highly configurable hybrid mobile apps that support multiple platforms.

Social Media Records Management: OmniDocs ECM Suite now offers a new experience for enterprises to leverage social content for business purposes. Organizations can also create social workplaces and generate Social Content to connect directly with the potential customers on Social Media channels.

OmniAcquire: Newgen’s OmniAcquire is a multichannel capture solution that simplifies enterprise-wide information capture. The solution empowers business users to capture documents and information from multiple sources including mobile, emails, social media, fax, hot folders and multi-function peripherals. OmniAcquire is also equipped with smart information extraction capabilities using MICR, OCR and Barcode Extraction.

Solutions for Healthcare Payers:To help healthcare payers with their endeavor to serve customers more effectively while reducing costs but without compromising the care quality, Newgen has come-up with a wide range of solutions that enable end-to-end service delivery for payers by streamlining the following processes – Complaints, Appeals and Grievances (CAG), Provider Contract Management, Claims Repair and Mobile Medicare Enrolment.

Newgen Pharma Solution:Newgen’s Quality & Manufacturing solution for Pharmaceuticals manages the complete document lifecycle for ensuring compliance with FDA 21CFR part 11 regulations. It offers strong checkpoints for batch production of medical drugs by maintaining the right documents delivery at all production steps. Controlled access to all documents from a single repository allows fast access to documents & audit trails required during (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP compliance audits.

Using these innovations we have made inroads into new verticals and previously unexplored territories. By integrating SMAC capabilities to our offerings, we have been able to create new markets for our solutions. In fact, Cloud has been a major contributor to our last year’s revenue with as much as 5-8% share in the total annual revenue figure.While, our enterprise mobility framework has earned us new business, Social compatibility of our products have enhanced the informed decision making for customer relationship managers.

Learnings in 2015

The digital disruptions together with globalization and consumerization of enterprises has transformed the global business landscape, altogether.Traditional manual ways of conducting business operations are dead. ‘Digital’ is the new normal and ‘Digital advancement’ has become the success mantra for business leaders.Enterprises are redefining their strategies to embrace digital.All functions and facets of the enterprises are imbibing the Digital DNA. The digital channels have revved up customer service delivery in all industrial sectors. As a matter of fact, customer experience is no more a competitive edge, but a fundamental expectation.Content is the new king in organizations. It has emerged as the best resource that drives business intelligence and decision making across in and across industries. Therefore, to keep up with this changing dynamics, the call for action for the digital age decision makers is to – reinvent their Workplace to imbibe Digital methods to leverage Content.

Focus in 2016

We have aggressive expansion plans for the next five years, wherein we are looking to expand our global footprint to more than 100 countries.Our increasing partner base will play an important role in this endeavor. Depending on innovation, which has always been a mainstay for us, we plan to develop more point solutions that could cater to specific business requirements of an industry; but at the same time are scalable to be used for different business applicationat minimum customization.

As the content is the new king for driving businesses, the availability of the right content in the right context is a major requirement for organizations today. A major focus for us going forward will beto enable easy availability of Content to the end-users (Process Owners).

Another focus area for us will beto partner with Government in ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives through our solution accelerators. Focus will also be on facilitating the new commercial as well as the payment banks in their effort to serve customers better. In terms of making a foray into new verticals, we are already witnessing an increased traction for Newgen products from IT-ITES, Manufacturing, Retail, travel & transportation and new age Internet based businesses. In terms of new territories we are very optimistic about upcoming economies like Bangladesh and LATAM for new business.We also want to expand our Cloud based revenue in 2016.

Focus on Customer Experience

Ensuring our Customer’s delight will remain the key focus for us in the year 2016 and beyond. Our customers have always been our biggest motivation to invest in innovative products & solutions. To work more closely with them in order to conceptualize new products based on client pattern & needs, we have formed Gold Customer Clubs for our customers. The idea is to be a partner in our clients’ customer centric endeavors. Currently we have formed the Gold Customer Club for EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) and India region. And this we are planning to replicate for other regions as well.

To summarize, today’s fast-paced digital business age are forcing enterprises to be responsive to every change. So that the right action is ensured at the right time. The workplaces to be efficient and accessible in order to foster this flexibility. With Newgen products & solutions, we will enable enterprises to create an engaging and responsive organization. By connecting systems, processes, people and things of their business, we will assist them to reinvent their efficiencies, productivities and business outcomes.

Contributed by Virender Jeet, Sr. VP Technology at Newgen Software

This article is part of a series on SMBs in India.