PM Modi accuses Congress of Rs 57,000 crore subsidy scam

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As the election campaign heats up in Himachal Pradesh, war of words between the political parties is getting sharper day by day.
In a fresh attack on rival Congress party Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused the former UPA government of abusing Rs 57,000 crore in subsidy for the poor.
Modi also said that the BJP government has stopped the leakage and that the Congress now can’t tolerate this, so they are in attack mode.

For Himachal Pradesh, the Prime Minister offered a number of sops to promote development especially through tourism. The PM promised that the state will have improved road networks.
Modi also said the biggest tax reform in the form of GST has benefited the state largely especially sectors like transport.
The Government’s stand against black money and the demonetisation effort have paid off as it brought at least three lakh companies under the scanner.

Rajani Baburajan