Gurmeet ashram search reveals secret tunnels and more

Reports suggest that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh had secret access to the hostel of sadhvis (women followers).

A search conducted by government team inside the 750-acre campus reveals that there is a tunnel connecting the ground floor of the Dera chief’s residence to the hostel.

The search team has also uncovered another such tunnel which opens to a road situated around 5 kilometer from the Ashram. This is believed to be an emergency escape route for Gurmeet.

A huge amount of explosives were found in 85 boxes. While the ashram authorities claimed the explosive materials were used for manufacturing crackers, the forensic team is investigating other angles.

Reports also reveal, the ashram has got full-fledged facilities, including luxurious resorts, international school, shopping mall, movie theatre, stadium, hospitals, etc. The movie theatre is meant for showcasing the movies featuring Gurmeet.

Gurmeet has been convicted of raping at least two of his women followers in 2002 and sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Now the police is investigating the Dera chief’s alleged involvement in other sexual harassment incidents which were reported from the Ashram for many years.

Rajani Baburajan