Karthik Rangappa

Karthik Rangappa

Karthik Rangappa is a senior equity research and investment professional with over 11 years of experience. He specializes in equity valuation, financial derivatives, and portfolio management. He has a passion for teaching and education. Besides handling the education services at Zerodha, he also handles full credit courses related to market finance at a leading Business school in Bangalore. Karthik also manages Varsity@Zerodha.

Dividends – Getting the dates right!

Dividends are paid by the company to its shareholders. Dividends are paid to distribute the profits made by the company during the year. Dividends are paid on a per share basis. For example, during...

Market Participation

Each market participant has his or her own unique style to participate in the market. Their style evolves as and when they progress and witness different market cycles. Their style is also defined by...

My Market Outlook this Diwali

For many involved in the markets, this Diwali could be a rather jittery one. CNX Nifty has corrected from its peak of 8180 and is now trading close to 7726. Many fear the markets...