K Rajasekharan

K Rajasekharan

K Rajasekharan is a law graduate from Kerala Law Academy at Thiruvananthapuram. He also holds M Lib Sc., M.A. (Sociology) & M.A. Politics, and currently works at the Kerala Institute of Local Administration in Thrissur. Rajasekharan is well versed in topics like decentralization, local governance and related areas at the national level.

India should decentralize governance and reform administration

Decentralizing governance is necessary to make Indian governance participatory and citizen oriented. It is the process of delayering of government functions down to the states and local governments. Decentralisation of governance, except paying some...

NOTA stays to fine-tune Indian democracy

The "None Of The Above" (NOTA) button, the newly introduced mechanism in the polling process in India, drew 1.1% of country’s total vote share in Lok Sabha Election 2014. Interestingly NOTA secured more number...