Anant Mishra - The Diplomat

Anant Mishra - The Diplomat

Anant Mishra is a former Youth Representative to United Nations.


Accessing the threat perception: Pyongyang and “fanatic recklessness”

The nuclear tests conducted by North Korea on Friday received worldwide condemnation. The incident sparked the debate of how “reckless” North Korea has become and for how long will this “recklessness” continue. Soon after...

Let the War Games begin

“So does the war begins”: EU’s loss, NATO’s Opportunity and Russia’s quagmire Introduction One of the most pressing issues (after Brexit) EU faces today, is the relationship with its neighbour and economic giant, Russia. After Brexit,...
save water

Addressing water security by strengthening the foundation for socio-economic development

Introduction The amount of water present in the world stands today at 70 percent, out of which only a small fraction of water is drinkable. With over 7.2 billion inhabitants, UNICEF estimates the population will...
poverty in India

Eliminating Poverty in India: What needs to be done

Image courtesy: The situation today Going through the poverty ratio, we could easily see a significant decline, with the formation of new Sustainable Development Goals, poverty reduction is not an easy task, leaving lot of gaps...
poverty in india

Eliminating poverty in India- Economic impacts of agriculture and poverty

Agriculture, is necessary for economic growth of every country. The agriculture sector provides economic opportunities to farmers and effectively contributes in national income. More than 50% of Indians depend on agriculture as their primary...
poverty in india

Eliminating poverty in India:  The allies of poverty- part 2

According to UNICEF, India currently has a population of 1.3 billion people. Which means, an unguided large potential at large, productive as well as “can be skilled” workforce. However, the nation is lacking necessary...
poverty in india

Eliminating poverty in India:  Understanding the allies of poverty

Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.Ranked among the poorest countries in the world, poverty in India is a deep rooted issuewhich makes its eradication an urgent and its...

“Finding Answers, Knocking Doors:” Post – 2015 Solutions for Poverty Reduction

“The goal of eradicating poverty has been a central aim of the United Nations throughout its history. I am determined to re-double our efforts to make poverty history Lives disfigured by poverty are...

The challenging Maoist rebels in India

Introduction While addressing the nation, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defined the growing Left-wing Extremism as the gravest threat to India’s national security. This statement came two weeks later, when 76 security men were...
Indian farmer

Assessing India’s Agrarian Situation: Challenges and Reforms

Introduction The Economic Survey of 2014-15 has highlighted some of the major challenges and reforms in India’s agriculture sector. According to this survey, GDP has declined to 15.2% during the Eleventh Planand further decreased to...