Number of woman direct sellers to double by 2025

The number of woman direct sellers has been forecast to increase by more than double by 2025 . Indian Direct Sellers’ Association (IDSA) has forecast in a report that the number will rise from 2.5 million at present to 5.5 million in a decade.

Direct selling currently accounts for Rs7,472 crore in India and roughly 6 million people are engaged in it. Women contributed about 58.3 per cent of the figure in 2013-14. Of the total number of woman direct sellers, 64 per cent were engaged in the activity full-time and the rest (36 percent) were part-timers.

Chavi Hemanth, the secretary general of IDSA said the number of woman direct sellers was expected to grow at 8 per cent to reach the projected figure.

Woman sellers are being employed in segments such as wellness, cosmetics and personal care in the direct selling market. It has accelerated self-employment and empowerment of women, according to IDSA.