My journey as an entrepreneur: Soham Thacker, co-founder, Fixpocket

Soham Thacker, Co-Founder, FixPocket (2)

Soham Thacker, co-founder, Fixpocket, shares his experience as an entrepreneur.

Your journey as an entrepreneur: how it all started and where you stand now?

After completing my education as an Electrical & Computer Engineer from the USA, I started a conventional software developer job with one of the fortune 500 companies. It was 4 years within the job that I realized that working for someone was just not going to work as a life path for me. Having Indian roots and the country providing excellent opportunities for young entrepreneurs, made me leave high paying salaries and family back in the states and move to India in search of a future.

As lost as any entrepreneur is in a new country, I too had to go through multiple challenges and some failed ventures to realize what could work the best for me. The journey started with a venture by the name of Yellow – a city based entertainment magazine placed in auto rickshaws of Ahmadabad. It was not long before I realized the loopholes in the business and that it was going to fail. However the spirit was high but the pockets were slim, so I decided to start a food truck selling Mexican fast food by the name of Just Mexican. The business gained instant popularity and success and within a short span of 18 months the small food truck had transformed into 13 restaurants spread across different cities of Gujarat. Later the brand was bought by a private investment firm.

Entrepreneurs have no break and so didn’t I! Fixpocket was conceptualized and incorporated last year and I stand today as a Co-Founder and Director of the brand. Fixpocket is a fix priced micro service freelancing portal soliciting virtual services to bring together skilled individuals and potential buyers looking to get work done at affordable prices.

How successful are you in your role as a founder of the company? How exactly do you measure your success?

Being a founder is not only about coming up with an Idea! After multiple ventures I have realized that to run a successful company requires decision making, a right team and of course appropriate funding. I have successfully managed to secure all the three in my previous venture of Just Mexican and in the current operations of Fixpocket.

Even though I was able to secure a seed fund for Fixpocket, the challenge of spending it wisely and making the business grow in the right direction is a never-ending effort.

What were the top challenges you faced as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome it?

Entrepreneurship comes with its own challenges and they tend to be different in every venture that you execute. Back from a structured system in the US, I faced major challenge in getting to know the Indian market, people management and getting official work done. However it was not long before I understood that I had to modify my working style according to the country I was in and since then things became a lot easier.

Your advice to fellow businessmen?

There is no harm in trying and there should be no fear in failing! There will be times where everyone will be against your plans and the world will always push you towards the conventional 9 to 5 life, but there is no better feeling than proving everyone wrong.

What is your vision at Fixpocket and how do you plan to take it forward?

At Fixpocket, we aim to provide a platform for any individual possessing specific skills to showcase them to the world and gain additional income and experience by fulfilling the orders received. Our goal is to make a place where Individuals can do what they love to and get recognized and certified; while the buyers can get access to fresh and affordable talent.

To achieve this goal, we plan to make the brand visible across the masses. Marketing strategies and funding rounds are also planned to help the venture reach its targeted audience.

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