U.S. wants no war, seeks open talks with North Korea

For the first time, the Trump administration openly admitted that the U.S. is seeking ways to initiate discussion with North Korea.

The U.S. will hold talks with Kim government given the alarming scenario unraveling across the North Korea in recent months.

Both Trump and Kim have been exchanging war of words over nuclear proliferation in North Korea and the successive reactions from White House.

The ongoing tussle between the two nations will upset the world order, according to White House sources, which is why the leaders think of a reconciliation possibility.

The news about discussion with North Korea was revealed by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is visiting China in connection with Trump’s visit there in November.

Meanwhile South Korea alleged that North Korea has shifted some of the missiles from Pyongyang. According to intelligence reports from South Korea and the U.S., the missiles from the special weapon facilities at Sanum dong have been missing.

These developments happen amid rumors that North Korea may try another missile tests on October 10, on the occasion of the anniversary of North Korean Communist Party or Oct 18 when the Party Congress kicks off in the country.