Ramkumar R S

Ramkumar R S

Ramkumar R S is the Director of RSR Innovations, a Marketing Accelerator at Chennai. He is an entrepreneur and a marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience. He started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 35 for spiritual reasons. He facilitates Leadership workshops and acts as a mentor and consultant for multiple early stage companies. His book “Breeze – A Love Story” was published by Writers Workshop Kolkata and launched by Prakriti Foundation Chennai.

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Rational Left Liberals versus Emotional Right Conservatives

My father was a communist and a union leader. We had no gods or festivals at home. By birth my father was a Brahmin, but by practice we had no caste or religion. Some...
solar powered homes in Germany

Selling Renewable Energy!

People told us that fossil fuels will get exhausted soon and hence we should shift to renewable energy. We listened to it and thought, we will see when it happens. Then they told us that global...

I want this at any cost!

I belong to a generation that buys onion “as usual and at the same quantities”, even if it costs Rs 80 per Kg. My parents, uncles and aunts had this policy of abstaining from...

My wish list for a Middle of Centre ideology

As the world is divided between the left and right, there is a lot of vacuum in the centre. Both the left and the right have strong ideologies that they passionately believe in. Similarly,...

Product – Market Fitment

Before we begin : A little theory: Product – Market fitment is the alignment between what the product / service offers and what the market / customer really needs. More specifically, the resonance between the...